Do Security Guards Get Paid Well in Australia?

Do Security Guards Get Paid Well in Australia?

The role of a security officer in Australia is incredibly varied. Tasks a security guard might perform include protecting people and property, providing surveillance for threats, conflict resolution, and administering unarmed defence for themselves and others. With...

Security Guard Equipment

Security Guard Equipment

Security Guard Equipment You Might Need To Own Are: Security Guard Clothing High-Visibility Clothing Boots Flashlight Self-Defence Equipment Digital Camera / Smart Glasses Nerves Of Steel Notepad, Pen, Phone, Voice Recorder Communication Device or Two-Way Radio Mobile...

Security Guard Job Description

Security Guard Job Profile A Security guard job description, on the surface, appears fairly straightforward and simple.  However, the responsibilities and job description of a security guard differ and depend on the specific type of security guard in question. A close...

Types Of Security Guards

The security industry in Australia is huge–according to a report by the Australian Strategic Policy institute in 2018, it has 'more than double the personnel of Australia's combined police agencies and permanent Australian Defence Force'. And accordingly, for such a...

Advantages Of A Female Bodyguard

When you think of a bodyguard, you probably imagine a large, imposing man, maybe with a background in the military or law enforcement. Or, if the image isn’t that specific, you probably at least imagine a man. Security, in general, is certainly still a majority-male...

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